Welcome at the Nidda Twinning Association


Nidda is a small town between the district Wetterau and the Vogelsberg mountains in the state of Hesse.        

The twinning association Nidda has been founded in 1978 which led to the twinning with the French town Crest in 1980.

This association exists for more than thirty years now, and we think that the idea of town partnerships - especially in Europe - is always actual and requires support. 

Contacts lead to partnerships and partnerships become  friendships.

The Twinning Association Nidda has been in operation for many years now and many friendships have developed since. It is the aim of our association to foster these friendships between Nidda and its twin towns.

Through the twinning with Crest, Nidda also twinned with the East-Anglian town of Cromer in 1998, which was a twin town of Crest, as well. In the year 1991, when the Berlin wall came down, Nidda also twinned with Bad Kösen in the former GDR. In the same year we also build up a new connection to Weissenstein in Austria.

Which started in the beginning on a small and private scale, grew bigger and bigger over the years. In September 2001 the European Council awarded Crest, Cromer and Nidda with the Diploma of Merit for Outstanding Twinning Activities. We got the award for  actively promoting the European idea through the twinning and the developement of exchange visits and mutual events during the time.

As it is important for us to maintain building friendships and supporting intercultural exchange, we would like to introduce you to our association and our twin towns on the following pages.