In 1963, a French-German treaty of Friendship was signed. According to this, many links between towns in France and Germany were created in the second half of the last century. This was to strengthen the German-French friendship because treaties alone would not have led to success in a sense of intercultural understanding. It was and still is necessary that the citizens fill these bonds with life through their action and readiness.

This idea caught on in Nidda, too and after the formation of the new community of Nidda, when the surrounding villages decided to join a common administration and became part of Nidda in 1970, the Town Council decided on the 1st of November 1974 to find a town link with France and Great Britain. The Committee for Tourism and Market Affairs was supposed to find suitable partners and present suggestions to the municipality.

Due to an element of chance and the strong commitment of Adi Jaeger, who was the Town Councillor at that time, in autumn 1976 first contacts were established with Crest in the Drome Valley, 120 km south of Lyon. Several mutual visits were organised in order to get to know each other better and the wish for a twinning link grew more and more.

An Association was to be founded to take care of  the developing friendship and its organisation. So on the 29th of November 1977, 41 citizens of Nidda came together and founded the Nidda Twinning Association. 31 participants became members and elected Adi Jaeger as chairman. In Nidda and Crest the Town Councils, comittees and many associations started to discuss the twinning process.

In the course of the German Reunification, Nidda wanted to find a link in the former GDR. In spring 1991 Bad Kösen, a historic spa in Saxony-Anhalt, became Nidda’s twin town.

In the meantime a second twinning had been completed, this time with Weißenstein, a community in Carinthia, Austria. The twinning ceremony took place in September 1990 in Nidda during an evening of music and entertainment. In May 1998 Nidda officially linked with Cromer, Gem of the Norfolk Coast, a beautiful seaside resort in Great Britain. Since 1980 Cromer had been linked with Crest and during a lot of visits of the three towns in the South of France, friendships had developed, and this led to smoothly running “Menage a Trois-Twinning” between Crest, Cromer an Nidda.

In September 2001 the European Council awarded Crest, Cromer and Nidda the Diploma of Merit for Outstanding Twinning Activitiesfor their actively promoting the European ideal through their twinning.