Aims of the Nidda Twinning Association


The aim of the Twinning Association Nidda is to bring forward national and international relationships. The association regularly organises trips to the twin towns, invites delegations to Nidda and arranges meetings.

Furthermore we would like to take part in the process of shaping Europe actively. The statute of our association, adopted by its members on 29th of November 1977 and revised on 20th of March 2001, states:

“The aim of the association is to encourage and advance national and international relations. The association is a non-profit organisation and is of public utility according to Article 51, General Fiscal Law.”

In more than thirty years, the association has always tried to follow this basic idea. A student exchange with the French town Crest has been taken place yearly for more than two decades. In recent years, young people did their work placements in our twin towns as well as we have been hosting students from our twin towns to do work experience in Nidda. They have also met for sports activities and various associations of different interests got together. All these activities shape and strengthen our links to the twin towns.

As far as our experience goes, there seems to be a considerable interest in getting to know the European neighbours.

The actual partners are the municipalities of each twin town, who should face the tasks and deal with the problems. The function of the Twinning Association Nidda is to help making people aware of the process of a European unification and trying to establish, improve and foster contacts beyond the administrative part of the towns. For decades we have worked on a better bilateral understanding, for more tolerance and true solidarity between the nations of Europe.