Our twin town Crest is situated about 130 km South of Lyon, and about 20 km Southeast of Valence in Departement Drôme. At the river Drôme two National Roads merge, which run from North to South, respectively East to West. The prolific plains of the valley and the mountains of the hinterland are characterised by farming. In the valley grain and garlic is grown, and fruit is cultivated. The summer is characterised by shining lavender fields in full bloom. First contacts with Crest were already established by the Honorary Chairman of the Association Adi Jäger in 1976.

Crest was founded in the 10th Century, caused by the chaos after the end of the Roman occupation. After repeated attacks by Barbarians and other tribes the inhabitants of the towns and villages fled into the hills or started to build fortifications. This establishment was started by the family Arnaud, thus the name of the town: Christa Arnaudorum or Crêt des Arnauds. On 2nd, March 1120 the town was first officially mentioned by Pope Calixte the Second, who stayed there and wrote to the Bishops of Coimbra and Salamanque. The Arnaud family “owned” the town fully (franc-alleu), they did not have to pay fees and taxes to anyone up to 1145 when Arnaud of Crest became liege of Hugo the Second, Bishop of Die.

Crest hit its peak in the 17th and 18th Century, thanks to the development of trade, cloth, cotton and silk industry. This increase in prosperity lasted till the 19th Century. In 1976 Crest had 5,600 inhabitants, as compared to 8,100 today. This rich past is reflected even today by the contours of the Old Town, the names of the streets and the quarters. But Crest, gateway to the Vercors Natural Park, knew how to harmonise its historical heritage with the world of today. The beautiful and prolific Drôme Valley has bestowed Crest with a sense of balance and a striving for the future.

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