The community of Weißenstein is situated in sunny Carinthia in our neighbouring country Austria. About 3200 people live in Weißenstein on an area of about 49 square kilometres, 50% of which are woods, 30% is used for farming, the rest for housing, etc. The main place Weißenstein has about 700 inhabitants. Two bigger places are Puch (670 inhabitants) and Töplitsch (500 inhabitants).

The economical structure of the area is characterised by farming and some industry. There are two bigger firms in the community, the Austrian Chemical Works (ÖCW) and the internationally well known Marble Works (OMYA) which employ over 350 people.

Tourism is another source of income. Modern and well run places of accommodation and a versatile local kitchen attract many regular guests. Private holiday flats and B&B places, often on farms, offer heir facilities. There are over 30,000 overnight stays per year in Weißenstein. The mountainous area is ideal for walking and biking, there are many hiking trails and cycle routes. A very special feature is the 13 km long fishing facility along the river Drau. There is a modern open air swimming pool, numerous tennis courts, an ice rink and various sports facilities.

Weißenstein offers very attractive facilities for hunters. There are five volunteer fire companies and one fire brigade in a firm. The voluntary firefighters are an important factor in the twinning link with Nidda.

There is a kindergarden for the youngsters and two junior schools. A lot of club activities can be conducted in Weißenstein: tennis, football, volleyball, judo, table tennis, badminton, ice-hockey and curling. In winter a small ski-lift is available for downhill skiing. You can play chess in a club. There are several bands, a string orchestra, five choral societies and two theatre groups.

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